Performance Health Medical Group   25431 Cabot Rd 118 Laguna Hills,CA92653   (949) 362-8877
Performance Health Medical Group
25431 Cabot Rd 118
Laguna HillsCA 92653
 (949) 362-8877

Reviews Of Performance Health Medical Group

4.86 14 Reviews
Steven Tayani
Apr 24, 2018

GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT RECEPTION,GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WONDERFUL IN APPOINTMENTS--WITH GREAT FLEXIBILITY... Dr. Parker was extremely personable when I met him. I believe HE is definitely the ROLE MODEL of his great organization! "Performance Health" is absolutely well chosen for "PERFRMACE HEALTH MEDICAL GROUP" I highly recmmend them!

Joe Villa
Apr 18, 2018

Feel great after therapy

Baohui Zhang
Mar 31, 2018

houman shabani
Feb 19, 2018

AWESOME OFFICE, AWESOME DOCTORS. I LoVe Dr Mesfin Seyoun, he is kind, sweet, frendly and professional thank you all for great service.

Armando Arayata Recinto
Apr 13, 2017

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